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Created by a team with in-depth experience of the UK clinical research sector, TCRS provides a full range of clinical development services to pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology organisations and university academics. 


Having previously held senior posts within the NHS and academia, we are uniquely qualified to offer guidance on the UK’s legislative framework, and give advice on designing protocols to meet UK Regulations.

Working closely with the National Institute of Health Research, we can use real data to rapidly identify the most suitable UK sites for your category of study and therapeutic field.

We had a key role in developing the new HRA system for study approvals making us ideally qualified to help you to navigate  what can, at times, be a challenging process. 

Whether you are seeking support for every aspect of your clinical research project or are looking to outsource just one part of a study, we bring a focused approach that complements our in-depth knowledge.

We understand that every study is different and every sponsor has different priorities – our services are tailored to your specific requirements.

With established relationships to key personnel and sites across the UK clinical research field, TCRS offers flexibility, momentum and value.

TCRS International

Our network of Senior CRAs and Project Managers across Europe, USA and Australia, enable TCRS to offer global reach coupled with a lean and highly cost effective infrastructure.

Long-standing relationships with international regulatory authorities, ethical bodies and senior clinicians ensure that site selection, set-up and management is conducted with optimal efficiency wherever it is required.

We understand that the quality of project delivery is critical for success. For this reason our international service is underpinned by rigorously controlled quality management, recruitment and training systems. It is overseen by a highly experienced management team.

The services we provide:

We provide clinical trials for:

Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Companies

We understand the importance of undertaking your clinical research on time and on target.

With expertise in all phases of clinical development, post marketing and PASS studies, TCRS can support every aspect of your programme.

Whether you are seeking one service element or prefer broader project support contact us today.


University Researchers

In the past, you may not have considered engaging a traditional CRO to support your clinical research, anticipating that the investment required would be prohibitive.

By providing our service to academics directly, we cut expenses to a minimum.

Our established business relationships ensure that we recommend the best, and most relevant suppliers, staff and sites for your clinical research project. Accurate and timely planning, combined with expert execution and data delivery, leads to efficient and cost effective studies.

Take Part

People choose to participate in clinical trials in order to help others in the future.

As a volunteer you play an important role in shaping the development of medicines and treatments in the UK. Taking part in a clinical study may mean you are one of the first to benefit from a new treatment.

Safety of participants is of paramount importance. We will ensure qualified staff are there to support you at every stage, and answer any questions you may have throughout the time of the trial.

Please call +44 (0) 203 621 8436  to find out more about our current projects and specific patient eligibility.

Clinical research helps create understanding about treatments for particular diseases and conditions to benefit future generations.

About Tailored Clinical Research Solutions

TCRS is led by a team with an exceptionally detailed knowledge of the UK’s clinical research sector.
Our employees provide expertise in the legislative perspective, a detailed understanding of research governance, Good Clinical Practice and experience of managing trials in the NHS, commercial and academic environments.

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Our experienced Research Consultants provide advice on all aspects of our services.

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