Selecting the very best investigative sites is key to achieving your project goals.

Our experience of the UK healthcare sector gives TCRS a clear advantage because we know in advance which hospitals have the expertise and infrastructure to fulfil your requirements.

Our relationships with tried and tested investigators across Europe, the USA, and Australia have been established over many years. They make us ideally placed to provide an integrated global feasibility process.

Once we have developed a shortlist of possible investigative sites we will further check their suitability with a rigorous feasibility process. Every site we recommend for your study will have been subject to a detailed on-site or telephone qualifying interview by one of our senior management team.

Feasibility work often focuses on the number of patients at an investigative site that are eligible for the study. At TCRS we recognise the importance of this element, however, we consider that site staffing, equipment, accessibility and infrastructure are also crucial success factors.

We will take account of the bureaucratic procedures within the hospital, their likely effects on the study costs and on the time required to achieve study start-up.