our clinical research protocol our service ensures that your protocol meets UK regulationThe protocol is a core part of any clinical research project.

Our network of contacts with expert clinicians enables us to provide state-of-the-art medical and scientific input to your protocol design.

However, studies must also be practical and realistic – our team of experienced NHS researchers will ensure that the study objectives can be achieved within the UK clinical research environment in a timely and effective manner. This means that sites will be motivated to recruit patients to the study and patients will be keen to take part.

Clinical research protocols are often designed with a global audience in mind. Our knowledge of the NHS and the UK regulations means that we can rapidly make the modifications necessary to ensure that your project will be fully compliant with all UK requirements and those of the other territories in which the study will be performed.

Our experience has demonstrated that pharmacist input in protocol design is essential to ensure smooth study feasibility and significantly reduce study set-up time. Our NHS Pharmacy advisors have extensive experience in reviewing research protocols both at a global level for the NIHR and Local Level for individual NHS Trusts.